xbox live merging accounts?

Nov 21, 2003
Hey guys, i was wondering if there was a way to merge my 360 live account and my offline account? I want to do some things over live with forza 2, but all my saved stuff is on my offline profile. How do i do this? I read the thing, but its quite confusing since they named all their profiles the same in the example, its hard to follow.

Essentially, what im asking is I have a gold account, but none of my saved games show up on my gold account. They only show up on my other account, which is offline only. How do i get the offline ones to show up on the gold account?
Someone please explain?

Well, you could try going into memory options, and then use 'move' on the save games and see if there's an option to move them to another account
as far as i know you'd have to just change your offline profile into a live account. After that if you wanna change the gamertag you can but it costs money.