X99 Motherboard Availability

May 20, 2011
Like a few others here I have my new shinny 5930k here from retail edge. I have been researching and shopping for a X99 motherboard for my new processor, ready to buy but all the boards I'm interested in are either sold out or priced much higher then they were just 2 weeks ago. Newegg has 14 X99 boards sold out at the moment, amazon is not much better.

Is this just low supplies after the holidays? I'm wondering how long it will take to get them back in stock. Guess I shouldn't of waited.

On a side note one of the boards I'm interested in is the Asus X99-A. The X99-A with USB3.1 is sold out but the non-usb3.1 version is available. Does anyone know if there is any difference between the two besides the USB? Newer revision maybe? I have no real need for USB3.1 but would hate to go with the older board if the newer version might have some of the kinks worked out.
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