X850 XT PE agp Fan query


Oct 2, 2004
So I purchased the Sapphire x850 XT PE.

Got it and did a fresh xp build and installed the Cat 5.6s..

anyway first few days the card runs great (didnt play too much on it)...

after this i really start to push the card, while playing Swat 4 for 45min or so, the card cuts out on me and i get weird graphics covering the screen, i then notice that my case temparture was alot higher then when i had my 6800gt in it..

Happened again to me while playing BF2... so i assume its the temp of the card..

Come to find that my fan was not adjusting to the load, it would stay at like 13 percent .. and overheating and dieing...

anyway, so i install ATi tray tools and controlt he fan this way, but my question, how is the fan supposed to be controlled without a 3rd party tool? Are the cat 5.6s supposed to do this? do i have a defective fan control?

reason i ask is i dont mind the Ati tray tools but they are 3rd party and have a caused a little instabilty....
Jul 16, 2004
Download ATiTOOL (google it) It has settings to override the factory fan controlls. Its also a nifty little overclocker.

I set my (same card) fan at:
0°C 20%
50°C 35%
60°C 45%
63°C 55%
66°C 65%
69°C 75%
72°C 100%
90°C* 100%
(*this is not changed from default)

It never reaches 100% in this manner.

Also with ATiTool you want to set up a profile, then go into fan setting, adjust them to whatever you want, then go into profile or program settings and have it load at windows start and minimize (or exit after loading profile) This will keep the fan at the setting you want. Just make sure you have the first temp at 0°C or it wont start the fan until it reaches that temp.

P.S. Ati's stock fan speeds according to ATi Tool are ludicrous, it doesn't speed up from 18% until I think 70°C and thats only at 80%, at 86°C it goes up to 100% but there is nothing in between 70° and 86°. So its either scolding hot or at 80% (read: loud and annoying if not gaming).