X1800XT Overclocker problem


Jan 10, 2006
I used the R520 overclocker program from driverheaven.net to try and overclock my X1800XT. Per Eva2000's (an Xtremesystem.org member) instructions I tried to change the 2d clocks after disabling the two ATi services with msconfig. Well, now whenever windows loads up the screen is completely black and I get no signal to my monitor. I don't think the core is physically damaged as I can use windows in safe mode (which is what I am doing now) and if I uninstall the display drivers in safe mode it will then boot into normal windows. Just once the drivers are on there again it just goes black (I have completely reinstalled all 6.1 drivers including CCC). Is there any way to the the overclocker program to stop sending the signal to OC my 2d clocks beyond my cards ability to display them? Thanks in advance for all the help.