X-Fi Titanium humming issue?


Supreme [H]ardness
Jan 3, 2008
HI guys,

I had just bought the Dawn of War 2 complete pack from STEAM, and I think it's the catalyst to the sound issue I'm experiencing.

Once the game has got to the main menu, I hear a small pop noise, and then a low humming through the speakers, I noticed that if I changed the sound card mode from game, to entertainment it was fine until I got the game menu again, and then the same thing happened again, slight pop or click noise, and then a constant low humming noise.

Changing to mode from entertainment to game again, does not remove the problem. I have so far installed an updated driver, that only removed the issue once the driver installed and asked for a restart, the shut down sound was fine.

I have not tried removing the sound card control software, but that is my next step, I'm hoping one of the guys on the forum has ran into this issue before, and if anyone has a solution to the problem, I think the card is okay, and it's something software related?

Thanks in advance for any help.