WTT: 2080 ti FE for 2080 Super.

Damn Dirty Ape

Nov 21, 2005
Thinking about downsizing a six-month old 2080ti FE for a 2080 Super in the 3-fan range, like an FTW3 evga or an Asus ROG. I have changed cases for an itx case and well the 2080ti is a bit of a big boy in terms of heat.

Nothing wrong with it at all, great awesome card. In the deal I'd be looking for a 2080 Super (brand not too important) but might need a little $$ in the deal.

I have the box for mine and I'd want yours to be complete as well.

PM me with what you might have for offer.
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an offer but still looking. I am not against selling outright but PM me if that is an interest for you. I'd prefer to find a top of the food chain 2080 super though.
I have the most expensive 2070 Super... that’s been sold out forever... the 2070 super Aorus edition that is the best looking RTX card...
I don’t need the HP of the 2080ti but it being REF makes me finding a water block easier