WTB: WaterCooling Stuff


Sep 6, 2003
hi there, i'm looking for Water Cooling Parts.

Water Block: Danger Den Maze 4 or TDX for Intel P4 478 socket with 1/2 inch fittings.

Rad: Hardware Labs Black Ice Xtreme Rev .2 120mm with 1/2inch fittings, OR the simple Black Ice Pro OR 2 Dual ones...

Pump: EHEIM 1250 OR 1048

Relay: CritiCool or Danger Den Kit, PCI ones preferred

Pm/ E-mail me notoriousformula(AT)liquidninjas(DOT)com
i have a modded eheim 1250 for ya. I broke the impeller housing but jb welded it back together and stuck it to a reservoir. So now its a eheim hybrid hehe. The impeller housing res comes off leaving you with just the pump without the housing, so if you want, you can search the net for a replacement housing. I'm sellin it for 30. PM me if yu want pics.