WTB: Nokia 930 & Nokia 1520 dead (for parts)


Jun 14, 2011
Hi all,

Im looking for a Nokia Lumia 930 for myself but with a dead board and else part in working condition to get my Lumia 930 back to life.

And if someone has a Lumia 1520 with them with the same condition applied please contact me, My friend has one lying for ages to get revived.

Thirdly if anyone has a working Lumia 830 i ready to buy one with a reasonable offer.

P.S. the fault with my lumia 930 is its inner screen has broken after i dropped it, Having a bad time using alternate phone. The screen aftermarket has are all OEM based. This is the best till now nokia had offered unlike the new flag fag ships coming (950 & 950XL).

i can go for a Nokia lumia 830 for the meanwhile but not lower then that.

any other help would be appreciated. And seller must have the patience to deal internationally. :)
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