WTB- Mini-Desktop or SFF for MAME

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Oct 7, 2004
Anyone have a Mini-PC or small desktop they want to get rid of for $50 shipped (06370)?

Built a arcade table for my kid and both computers I had set aside have gone south while in storage, WTH!!

Needs to be 1.6 ghz-2.5ghz (faster is fine but not required), have SATA drive interface and Win7 COA.

No CD, hard drive, keyboard, mouse or screen required!

Windows XP maybe fine, I'm checking to make sure trackball software is compatible.

LMK what ya have and I'll get out the tape measure to see if it fits and thanks for your time.

Far more power than it ever needs, just running arcade roms from the 80's and early 90's.

I'm fairly sure it would get by with a 1.0ghz cpu.

If I had the space I'd just stuff in a Shuttle SFF with AMD 2000+ XP but its 2 inches too tall to fit in the opening.
I've got a couple HP 6730b laptops (Core 2 Duo's) I could part with one.
(No Win7 COA onboard, but the forum has those for <10$ if you don't have one)
Thank you for the offer, not sure a laptop is going to work with what I have in mind.

Fry's is selling refurbished Dells for $88 shipped with code today


Dell Optiplex 755 Refurbished Desktop Tower with Intel Core2Duo 2.33GHz Processor,4GB DDR2 Memory,250GB Hard Drive,Windows 10

I can chuck the hard drive, mouse and keyboard into the spare parts bin and pickup a windows 7 key from the board. perhaps.

Figured I'd see if anyone had a unit they wanted to get rid of first.

The description on Frys though is vague on what they are sending you. It states a tower but they show a SFF unit. 755's came both ways if you look on Ebay.
I've got an mATX rig w/ Pentium D- will that work for you? Do you have specific dimension reqs?
Yes, there is dimension limitations. Need L x W x H and I'll let you know if it will fit.
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