WTB basic laptop


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Sep 13, 2009
Cat destroyed a lady friends lappy. Nothing fancy needed, it is really just an internet appliance in her hands.

Just something reasonably modern without any problems.
I would hit up Walmart or any electronics place. For a few hundred you can have something new. Also consider a Chromebook, if all she does is browse. They are even cheaper.
Do you have a budget?

I would normally send this in a PM given the forum rules, but if you do have an answer to this question, I wanted to encourage that you update your original post with it.
last one I bought on here was a Dell Latitude E5450 for $160 shipped, looking for something like that

I can't remember if I sold one to you but I have another one of those with a 500GB Evo that I'd let go for $200.

Let me know if you're interested!
So we thought we had a deal on one, actually paid for it, the seller tested it before shipping and the battery was bunk. He was straight up and refunded the $ immediately which was cool.

anyway, we're still looking for something servicable in the $100ish range, so bump
looking at those, thanks guys,

she's locked down in Seattle a week already, starting to get stir crazy

mulling over a couple, gonna bump this one or two more times
last bump I think

thank you for all the offers and PMs, we will make a decision soon