WTB: 2x iPhone 8 or Newer


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Mar 22, 2015
I know I trust my fellow peers on here more than ebay and the like, so here's what I need--2x iPhones that will work on Sprint after the 5g cutover, and that are in proper working condition. This means they have do not have to be perfect. I could care less about cosmetic issues that do not affect usability, but things like the battery need to be in good working condition. These are replacing some working iPhone 4's that my parents are still using, but those won't have a network anymore so they need replacement.

I'm not opposed to buying them one at a time from different people--don't need to be a matched pair and don't need to be the same model either. I have heat under the same username here, payment will be by paypal, and shipping can be on me as I have a UPS account with discounts, or by you on your carrier of choice to zip 35613 or 94404.

I found these pages where I believe you can check the imei of your phone to see if it will work for me:

PM me offers on what you have and we can go from there. (y) Thank you for reading!

(Feel free to post up/pm if something useful is missing from my listing.)
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Hopefully you have better luck than I did. I looked on here for a while before I gambled on eBay. Seller I bought from was good, underrated the phones which is rare but I’m happy with the purchase.
I have a iPhone 13 Pro Max Sierra blue 256gb unlocked works with sprint. Let me know if you’re interested.
I am just posting this here but OP has dibs on it. I have two iphone 7 plus locked to AT&T for $50 shipped for both if anyone wants them. No chargers, just the phone. I would say they are in fair condition.

UPDATE: AT&T unlocked the phones.



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I was considering selling my iPhone SE 2020 model, it's the black 128GB one with an Otterbox case and I bought it through T-mobile.
Has the box and unused accessories and Apple Care Plus till May 12 of 2022. $250