worth upgrading - GTX960 2GB?


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Jul 26, 2005
So heres the story, I'm donating one of my old gaming rigs to a kid in need and I'm trying to decide if it's worth putting anymore money into.

i5-760 -OC 3.2ghz
MSI P55 GD-80
16gb generic CL9 1333hz(timing is all 9s)
Corsair Force 256GB SSD
Solid 700w PSU(its good mid-level, I trust it but dont have the part# on hand)
Nvidia GTX960 2GB

I know, barf, I pulled it out of an HTPC project.

At 1080p with V-sync and low settings I can pull 30-40s in BFV, so heres my question. Is my GTX the bottle neck? Could I get him something close to 50-60 with medium settings on a better card? Or is this system already too limited to bother upgrading the card?

Dans got a 980 classified around 160 I was thinking about begging him for if its worth sinking the money into. This kid will never play something more intensive than BFV. Atleast for a few years. Im just using BFV as a benchmark. I think 160 is my limit since this is a donation.
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Mar 26, 2013
Yes, a 980 will see significant uplift over a 960. Will be about the same as dropping a 1060 into the machine, with less memory and requiring a bit more power. It is significantly better than any pascal part you would get at that price.


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Dec 14, 2007
I went from an i5-750 / GTX 960 to an X3470 / 980 Ti.

Based on A LOT of research, a GTX 980 level card is the ABSOLUTE MAX for a Lynnfield cpu.

Anything more powerful, and you literally won't see higher frames except for strange circumstances. -- like enabling DSR etc.

(I grabbed the 980 Ti cuz the price difference was $20 and I'm gonna carry it over to the Zen2 rig)

----< Definitely check out X3470's on Aliexpress!!!! It's a 4 core / 8 thread 1156 cpu (xeon i7-870) that overclocks super-easy. I paid $23 for mine, shipped.