WORKLOG - Hello Kitty Case


Sep 5, 2001
Originally posted by Hucko
did ya give up on this?
Nope. We have just been short on time, weather, and money.

Oddly, it has been warm here for the last couple of days and we managed to get some work done on the case.


First, we cut a pair of holes in the bottom of the case using a 3" holesaw. Yeah, yeah, one of the holes is slightly off-center, but it is okay because it is hidden on the bottom.


Second, we cut a large hole on the top of the case using a 4" holesaw. It came out looking really nice after we did some additional filing.

We also did a few other things, mainly some bezel painting and the drilling of screw holes around those holesawed holes. If the weather holds up (unlikely), then we might be able to have the case finished in the next couple of weeks!
he said that he was making it 4 his g/f and thats cool i wish my g/f was in to computers

ha! i wish i had a g/f. if she were into computers it would be nice, but it reallly doesn't matter to me.

although, some hot asian chicks that saw my (very badly) painted case were quite impressed. i should mod their cases up for them.
*evil scheming*

in fact, a lot of them like/have hello kitty stuff. i better save this link for future reference.