Wireless router on wired router


Jun 4, 2000
Hey dudes
I have a old 4 SMC Barricade 7004 ABR wired router.
Right now it's used to share internet connection with 2 computers.

I want to use a laptop for wireless internet access.

Would I need a wireless router or some other device like a bridge?
The connection would go into one of the wired router ports?

Thank you for any help


[H]F Junkie
Jul 19, 2004
Simplest and cleanest way would be to get a wireless router, and replace your SMC with it. That way you only have one device taking up space, and it keeps your network setup nice and simple. It's often less expensive also, for some reason, wireless routers seem to cost less money than a wireless access point.

If you must keep the SMC router...then the next choice would be to get a wireless access point...and sling it off of your SMC router.

You can get another wireless router, and bandaid the setup to utilize it as an access point..uplink the two using a LAN port of each, disabling DHCP on the wirless router so your LAN only follows the DHCP of the SMC. As an added note, some wireless routers also have a mode where you can set them to access point only mode...Belkin does this on many of their models for example.