Windows Vista Thoughts @ [H] Consumer

Chris_Morley said:
Easy - it's called SuperFetch, and it uses the RAM you have available. If Windows is able to intelligently preload files that you may need (and indeed, it's been talked about widely), and is able to quickly clear the ones you don't need to make room for more, the net result should be a faster experience. It's not bloat in that case.
Such were the claims they made about XP's Fetching, and look how that turned out.
SuperFetch though it does sound nice. It could however easily become one more example of the computer knowing what you what you want to do 'better' than you do. I have run Prog A every sunday for the last month, so come sunday it loads A's files, but this sunday I decide I want to use Prog B. Oh well so much for the intelligence. Much like trying to type an unusual word in MSWord with autocorrect on, the computer knows sooo much better than you do what you want...

USB 2.0 Memstiks for scratchpad are a nice feature.
(pet peeve, totally non-Vista, XP sp2 broke support for USB 2.0 on my MB, worked fine til then. MS says it is bad Drivers, MB support says the drivers are written to MS specs and MS signed, end result I have a USB 2.0 MB crippled to 1.1 )