Windows Fail


[H]ard|DCer of the Month - April 2012
Feb 28, 2011
Well last night I went to check my folding rig and noticed that it was at the Win7 login screen. I though "oh man, the computer restarted". Well I get to my desktop and notice that half of my desktop icons were not there, and I get a lovely "windows has recovered from a serious error". I though "eh its late I must be seeing things" as I have had wierd issues before late at night only to have them completely gone the next morning. Well I decided to do a ctrl+alt+delete and check processes, and performance and stuff. Well lo and behold system uptime was at 11 days still so the computer had not restarted.

I went to fire up HFM, and to my dumbfoundedness the HFM config file was no where to be found so my 65 captured work units were gone. I went to fire up the F@H smp client and it had restarted at 0%.

I went to check more stuff and for some reason the windows browser menu thingy showed nothing in my documents/downloads, and my IE 9 favorites were gone. I went to IE9 and blah my home page was gone too!

Luckily I checked the actual C:\ drive and there it was all my stuff! Favorites, Downloads, even the Icons were in the desktop folder!

I just backed everything up, and I am reinstalling Win7. I plan to do a dual boot with linux for Folding, and win7 for gaming or whatever else I cant do with linux.

At first I thought it was a failed overclock, but would a bluescreen from an overclock nuke the OS like that? I was running stable for 11 days on that overclock with no errors, or lost WU.

Well looks like I will just setup linux. If it happens again I know it is the overclock, but I just dont believe an overclock related crash would nuke the OS.
You might test the hard drive too. Borderline stable overclocks can do weird things, depending on what Windows is doing when there's an error.
I should have checked what the exact error was, but oh well already wiped and installed windows 7. Just got done installing linux, and I am now setting it up.
OC can very much nuke your windows install - it has happened to me several times - but as I use Acronis Trueimage to back up the c: partition it is no drama to restore.

I can't recall one that went so wacky as what you describe - normally the issue is it will BSOD, then fail to boot, or corrupt the disk so you don't even get as far as ntloader etc.

Unstable means chances for corrupt data.
As I read your description of the problem I sat here and said to myself - "that sounds like low northbridge voltage".
I have experienced very similar events when an overclock was to low on northbridge voltage and was repeatable in experimentation.
Hope this helps.
I will check that out razor. Currently I am running bone stock voltages except memory. Its a Phenom 9600 Black Edition in a Gigabyte 790GX motherboard, and kingston hyperX DDR2 1066.

I have it OC'd from 2.3ghz stock to 2.6ghz on the processor. 237mhz on the HT clock, north bridge is at 2133mhz (stock of 1.8ghz). Memory is at 948mhz DDR. Well it probably is voltages, I have that stuff except the memory pretty far over stock frequencies with the stock voltages.