Windows 8 Search Problem


Oct 4, 2010
Windows 8 won't search any of the files on my second HDD, even after I enabled it under indexing options... Any ideas on how to get that fixed?
This may be a silly question, but are you searching in Windows explorer or the search function in the modern UI that is accessed through the windows button? I ask this because I have noticed if I search using the search function in the modern UI, while very fast, it doesn't seem to search all of my indexed locations. However, when I search inside of Windows explorer, everything seems to be searched.
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In explorer, everything see be found just fine, but in modern UI it doesn't find ANY files on my secondary HDD.
I was just messing around with the search functions and "indexing options." It has been so long since I changed any of my indexing options on windows 7, that I don't remember if the settings in windows 8 are the same or different.

I noticed that if I look at the properties of my secondary drives they have a check box that says, "allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties." These check boxes were checked but I hadn't actually included any of them in the index. so if I go into the the modern ui and type in "indexing options" you will see the indexing options panel under "settings." If you open that up, you can modify what drives and folders are included in the index. If you put your second drive in the index the files contained on it should be included in the "modern ui" search. Just make sure you give the index time to build.
I think you also need to add locations on that second hard drive to your libraries in order to search on them through the new UI.
@heatlesssun I may be mistaken, but I believe putting a folder in a library automatically includes it in the index. But, a folder doesn't have to be in a library in order to be indexed. (i.e. If it is included in your indexing options)

@ranviper I'm not sure but I would reiterate the time issue with building the index. It may actually take hours to build an index if you have multiple large hdd's filled to the brim. Also, if you add a location in the "indexing options" panel, you can keep it open and watch the # of items indexed steadily climb.

Another possibiility is that it may also be a permissions issue.

Sorry, as of now I don't have any other ideas for you.
@heatlesssun I may be mistaken, but I believe putting a folder in a library automatically includes it in the index. But, a folder doesn't have to be in a library in order to be indexed. (i.e. If it is included in your indexing options)

But a folder is isn't searched in the new UI unless it's included in a library I believe.
@heatlesssun I just did a few searches in the new UI for files that were not in any libraries but were indexed and they did come up in the searches. So, I believe that when searching for files, the new UI only searches the index. It doesn't matter how those files get in the index, whether by being included in a library or manually being added.
Indexing said complete, tried rebuilding it, said complete, only have about 600gb of data on my storage drive, yet none of it shows up in modern ui yet. So how do I "add it to the library?"
Just right click on a folder location on your hard drive and select "Include in library".
I tried adding it to different libraries, still doesn't seem to show.
@ranviper just curious what version of Windows 8 are you using? RT, 8 Pro, developer preview? I am using WIndows 8 Pro. I did mess around with the developer preview, but I didn't really mess around with the index, so I can't really help if it isn't windows 8 pro.
Is the location showing up in the Library and if you search from the desktop does the search work?
Wow, I was actually going through windows help and support about this and found something interesting. They recommend using the "search and indexing troubleshooter" I'd never heard of it or seen it before, but it is worth a shot. You can find it by searching for "search and indexing" in the new UI and it will be under settings.
Well sorry I was away so I couldn't reply. Yes I can search from the desktop and find everything just fine, and I have a start menu third party app that works as well, but I tried that search and indexing troubleshooter and it's not saying any issues are being found, so it MUST be an issue of simply not having the drive in the correct place?

And Im using w8 pro
Hmmm, ok that's odd. If you right click on the Steam.exe file there's no option to pin is to the Start Screen?
I was unable to get the search to work right, but I am able to pin whatever to start now. Still very annoyed but so be it. lol.
Sorry, I just want to clarify the problem. You said you were only having problems with files on your secondary hard driven not being found? But in your C: drive, all of the files are showing up?