Windows 10 black screen when coming out of sleep


Dec 9, 2006
This is not a 100% of the time issue, but it's getting more and more frequent and is really quite annoying; it's nearing 100% in the past few weeks. I put my computer into sleep mode and various times when I wake it via the power button (it does not wake from the mouse or keyboard even though in device manager it says they allowed to wake the computer) it just turns the lights on for all the peripherals, spins up the fans and whatnot, but the screen never shows anything but black.

I did a fair amount of Googleshooting (new word I just invented) and tried a few things including:
new Nvidia drivers
cmd as admin -> powercfg /h off
Control Panel -> power settings -> turn off fast startup

This made it worse in the sense that it broke my workaround. My workaround was to hold the power button until the PC turned off, then turn it on again. It was an acceptable solution because it would restore my Windows session as though it had come out of sleep mode; all my applications and tabs and whatnot were there. Since trying these solutions, though, that no longer works. Holding the power button and then starting up again starts up from scratch and anything I may have had open is lost.

A> Does anyone know how to fix this?
B> Is this possibly a hardware problem? Seems like either motherboard or power supply could cause something like this. I've already re-seated everything (which fixed a different problem I had a while ago) and checked for loose connections.

Final note: I did ask MSI about this and all they said was file an RMA and send in the motherboard. I don't like tearing stuff apart for no reason so I didn't do it, especially because it seems to be a fairly widespread issue across all manufacturers and even laptops. From that, I've kind of theorized it's not a hardware issue but I really don't know.
Reverted my changes and it did go back to recovering tabs/apps when I have to smother it with the power button.