Win8 to win7?


Limp Gawd
Dec 7, 2004
I just got my Toshiba Satelite p875/s7310 replaced(1st one lasted less then 60 days) the only issue i have is the new one came with Win8 on it,,,cant stand this os already,i have win7,and know how to install it fine,just wondering if anyone knows if there gonna be any issues with laptop specific drivers(ie ethernet,motherboard) Ive been to Toshibas site,and cant find anything,so that leads me to think win7 will take care of it.

any thoughts? thx


Oct 4, 2009
I Would pull the drivers from Toshiba's website, includes XP drivers, do it. Push it to a USB drive or burn it to DVD. I found that if Windows 7 does not update all the drivers then using Vista or XP drivers do work on most laptops.

Windows 8 a no go for me until they iron out the bugs, usually in a service pack. Consensus is waiting until Windows 8 has been out for over a year, maybe two years. Windows 7 is a proven OS.