Wifi Router recommendation?

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    Oct 20, 2011
    Hi all,

    Right now my setup is o.k. and works for me but i'm looking to try and upgrade my setup and increase the level of options I have.

    Below are the details on the current setup. What i'm hoping to accomplish is get recommendations for a new Router that has some decent QOS options and a decent internal CPU. I want to stay away from Netgear as I have read nothing but negative stories about all their Nighthwawk gear and dropping connections. If that's been fixed let me know, i have seen very little to indicate it has. I'd like to keep the router cost below 200$ if possible. My setup right now is ROCK solid so i don't want to go to something that's unreliable.

    Router= TP-Link Archer-C7
    Switch= Netgear 8port Un-Managed switch

    Usage = FPS Gaming, streaming (netflix, Plex media server), and general internet browsing.
    Clients = ~ 4-5 wireless devices, and 4-5 hard wired device.

    2 story house with 3 bedrooms and a loft (office).
    All bedrooms are hardwired.

    All the wall jacks wire into an Un-Managed Switch.
    1 cable from the Un-Managed switch goes to the Wif-Router which provides access to everything.
    Router has a NAS and a Intel NUC PC running through it as well as 1 cable that runs to the switch providing access to other devices such as gaming PC and a 2nd redundant NAS.

    Thanks for any opinions, suggestions, or recommendations guys n gals.
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    Dec 10, 2012
    2.4ghz is limited I'm only getting max 150
    5ghz gets max 300
    Both standing next to router with cell phone
    Ethernet gets me 930mbs
    These are all download speed and not transfer speed, ymmv.

    I say get a couple of ac 1900 and space them throughout the house as access point. Due to the fact of a 2 story house. Higher ac rating is only good for multi wireless device on one router at a time. It is better to have multi access points for speed and range.
  3. Jalseng

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    Dec 10, 2012
    If your just bored then just build your own router, it seems fun a but I haven't tried it. Grab an old laptop or make a cheap micro build. Sff or smaller. Lots of options out there for software i.e pfsense.
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    Aug 13, 2017
    RT-AC66u is nice, using Merlin firmware you can customize your firewall with iptables. I'd try and stay away from using your router as a NAS for best performance. The 68 has a dual CPU if you need more power. If you want NAS on your router, the rt-ac68 would serve you better. You could implement a NAS with a Raspberry PI or something similar very cheap, secure and keep your router just routing.