Why is Teracopy so slow?


Feb 19, 2004
I have been using teracopy to verify my transfers from HDD to HDD. I'm transferring mostly video files (MKV & MP4), and the transfer sizes range from just a couple GB to a couple TB. At the moment I'm transferring 240GBs over. These copies are always slow as piss, and I can't figure out why. My transfer speed is always around 18-21MB/s. I'm transferring from a WD60EZAZ, which has an average sequential read speed of 163 MB/s according to UserBenchmark. I'm writing to a WD121KRYZ, which has an average sustained write speed of 194 MB/s and is currently ranked #1 out of 398 benchmarks. Neither drive should be seeing any other read/write requests. And I've added exceptions in windows security for the teracopy services, teracopy folder in program file, MKV & MP4 file types, and a couple other related items. What's the deal with this program? Why is it so much slower than Windows native copier? Is there a better option for a program to handle copies with checksums and queueing? I'll pay money if it's good...