Why I’m Dumping Google Chrome

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Dec 31, 1969
This guy has a point. I don't know if it would upset me that much, but he does have a point.

Up until January 2014, I never gave a thought to Chrome’s frequent auto-updates. Then I got hit with version 32.0.1700, and my experience went straight to hell. Chrome began crashing upwards of 20x a day, typically without the option to recover the previous session. In some cases, I’d initiate recovery and the browser would crash before finishing the process. I tried all of the troubleshooting techniques I could find online and a few standard solutions, like disabling GPU acceleration. Nothing worked.
So, to prevent having to deal with a troublesome Chrome build again in the future, he intended to forgo security updates altogether? This guy is a genius. That decision is just as logical as disabling Windows Updates, because “they always ask me to restart when it's inconvenient.”
lol at people commenting in the article about the guy not doing "good testing" to see where the problem was with Chrome... when the article is about Google making it nearly impossible to not update the browser.
I ran into this same problem. Chrome would just crash upon crashing. The funniest part was that even going to settings page it 'aw snapped' :D
Used to use Firefox only... started having major issues with it crashing, and layout changes they forced upon me.

Been using Chrome for about a year now... got used to the layout I don't like in Chrome... Chrome is a lot more stable for me than Firefox.
If any of you are looking at the comments before reading the article, you can go ahead and skip the article.

Summary: An update made my software unstable, thus I don't like Google's software release schedule/format. I changed video cards and it still crashes, yup it must be chrome and nothing else.
I tried Chrome Canary recently and it was buggy as hell

That's the point.

I'd say that Chrome's method is the best for most use cases, that doesn't make it perfect, but it's not like there is a lack of other browsers. I always have all the major browsers installed.
Also after reading the article writers comments to readers, I don't really find him to be intelligent or a decent person lol.
Only explicitly have Chrome installed so I can use Hangouts from my PC, if it was not for that I myself would not have it either.
I am sorry I offended you.....with the highest level of security and constant updates.

My bad.
I didn't know people still used Chrome. I gave it a whirl when it was first released and wasn't impressed.
I didn't know people still used Chrome. I gave it a whirl when it was first released and wasn't impressed.

Seriously? And you're a member on a tech forum? Goodness...

Anyways, I use Chrome. Tried switching to Firefox but that was nothing but issues...even recently...like a month ago. Plugins always crashed, browser was a mess.

Only thing I really have a problem Chrome wise is that they don't allow video downloading extensions to work on YouTube...something Firefox doesn't give a shit about. So I do keep Firefox, only if it is to just use it here and there for the occasional YT download.
Why I never went with Chrome, Firefox RSS Feed bookmarks. So stupid of Google to not have this feature yet event tho it is requested every week on their board...
I use internet explorer. I'm sure I'm the minority..

It just works.. and I don't require 400 tabs open at once like some people claim to need... who really needs more than 5 open at a time?

/end crazy IE users rant
It's funny watching the same people who bitched about Win10 forced updates try to defend Google's identical attitude in Chrome. Not pointing fingers at anyone in this forum, but around other boards I read.
Honestly, all the big three browsers have issues. IE 11 just crashes all the time, Firefox is a sluggish browser now that won't even give you the option to open a page with SHA-1 SSLs, Chrome is not buggy for me, but they are dropping NPAPI support. This is not a big deal to most, but it means many network management tools for SANS, switches, etc will not run in Chrome.
I personally don't like how much pre-caching and network traffic chrome uses. It's fairly ridiculous how long it takes to pull a page on a slower connection with chrome. On faster connections this is masked, but it's still somewhat noticeable. I presume this has something to do with the security screening of the pages and whatnot, but it really, REALLY bogs down the network connection especially if I'm using my VPN or something similarly bandwidth limited. Other browsers don't have this issue.
I haven't run into this yet using opera, you have any examples?

It may be fixed over time, i think the last time i tried it was maybe 8 months or so ago. Just issues with sites involving my payroll portal or my small local bank. It would have trouble logging into some lesser known but important to me sites using ssl. It might be worth me giving it another go, maybe when my win10 arrives i will start with opera again and see if it works.
It's funny watching the same people who bitched about Win10 forced updates try to defend Google's identical attitude in Chrome. Not pointing fingers at anyone in this forum, but around other boards I read.

Forced updates can break badly cracked copies of windows. No one is steal chrome lol.
I wonder if that numbnut thought to check his add-ons/plug-ins for one that might be acting up .

I knew he was a tard when he stated that since he only had one window and tab open that it couldn't possibly be a memory leak. That's face palm worthy.
I use IE I have since way back when so I know the ins and outs of it. I'll use Opera on the occasional site that won't work with IE (like petfinder just wouldn't work in IE last year). Tried Chrome but I didn't like the user interface, too many clicks for common things I do, probably could get used to it but didn't seem worth the time.
It's a real shame opera is dead it used to be king of have handling a ton of tabs with no problems. Lack of updates has made html5 and flash buggy and slow to the point of being unusable.

They used to innovate but now they only offer chrome with a new skin and has none of the old features it used to have.

I'm not really a fan of either chrome or firefox both fail to impress me currently. I'm using palemoon currently but it's not that great neither.
I have been a long time Chrome user, since its very first public incarnations. Lately however on principle I have disagreed with much of what Google has been doing and have been itching to switch. Be that to firefox, or something else, I have not yet decided. I have not had any of the issues that guy has, but honestly I just don't like the idea of logging in to my browser.

That said I have been giving Edge a serious go around in Windows 10 on all my non-work PCs and short of the plugin support and a few missing features that are both coming very soon, I have found it to be quite a nice. It's noticeably faster in a lot of things than Chrome (even on Googles on benchmark), and with the new plug in system many of the Chrome plugins can be ported with very little changes to Edge. I personally feel that it shows quite a lot of promise.
Turning off Chrome auto updates is about as silly as turning off security/virus updates. I wanted too to blame Chrome for YouTube playback issues but putting in the root cause effort it turned out to be Intel IGP drivers and unstable VP8/VP9 decoding which h264ify Chrome add-on offered as work-around.
I just switched the whole office to chrome because it has flash built in. Any other browsers doing this yet? Flash updates are lame.

I also dont like signing into a browser, so I don't!