Which Monitor is Better?


Jul 21, 2016
Dell SE2717H Monitor vs Acer H236HL Bid

Which one of these monitors is better for general reading, gaming and video watching that will give me the best image quality? I recently found out that the Dell SE2717H is currently on sale and was considering cancelling my current monitor order which still hasn't shipped yet and purchasing the Dell instead for the larger screen size. Thanks : D

Dell SE2717H - Dell 27 inch Monitor | SE2717H

Acer H236HL Bid - Acer H236HL Bid 23in IPS 1920x1080 Zero Frame Full HD LED Backlit Monitor Zero Frame HDMI DVI VGA

Update: The thread where I found the deal from is here: Information - RedFlagDeals.com Forums
Update 2: Prices seem to have changed and the coupon didn't work so I will be keeping the Acer H236HL Bid for now (unless I went to the wrong page or did something wrong) : )
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