whats a good setup


Limp Gawd
Sep 28, 2002
i am looking at building a htpc and i need some advice picking out a setup. i would like to spend around 400 on it and use onboard sound off the mobo.

what i am planning:
pvr-250 or 350
like a 120 gig hd
cheap case

what i have:
i have a 1.33
1gig of ram
gf2 with svideo out
Your proposed setup looks powerful enough. If you'll be running stock speeds or a mild overclock then you can look into other less expensive options.

Such as:
The Shuttle MN31N
- Onboard GF4mx: Dual vga/Dual-channel DDR
- MCP-T southbridge: Nvidia APU/1394/Lan/USB2.0 (but no optical bracket)
- Micro ATX size
- Bios OC options: FSB increments only.
- $20 cheaper than NF7-S

Use the money saved to invest in a decent psu. You'll thank yourself a hundred times.
Stick with psu's like: Antec/Fortron-Sparkle FSP/TTGI-Enermax/ThermalTake-Enlight-Zalman/Vantec.
Sparkle/Fortron wins the budget/quality vote but make sure it has noise control of some sort.
Check out the newish Antec Aria case. I used one of rmy HTPV and it's very nice.

It's a cube mATX case with a good amount of room.

'egg has them.