What would my perfect case be?


Sep 24, 2010
For a while now I've been wanting to do a brand new build, and I was almost certain that I would use the Lian Li V354 once I heard about it (and saw it), but I'd like other peoples opinions on the matter. It will be housing a mATX mobo, i7 with a decent OC, 5870, and other essential components. I don't need more than two HDD bays which most offer so that's negligible. I would consider not using an ODD if it impeded me too much as well. The choice would be pretty straight cut and dry, but the thing is that I would like to have enough space for at least 360mm of radiator within a decently SFF case. What would my options be for this? I just love having a small little killer of a system. I'm not against modding the case if need be; I would actually prefer it since i plan on making it look presentable. Also, I'd like to stay well under 200USD, that would be my maximum. What's your opinion?