What to expect from this memory


Mar 28, 2006
I have had this memory since fall

I have looked on the net but cannot find much useful info on how far this will clock at looser timings.
I currently run a divider to keep the mem ~stock speed with low timings, the system runs great this way.
I have been getting a little bored lately so I was thinking about tweaking the system a little more...

I currently am at 269 x 9 with the memory @ ~ 201 mhz, 2-3-2-10

Dfi Sli-DR Si-120 cooling
2x1gb ocz cas 2 platinum
Opteron 165
7800 gt.

Do you think it would be benficial to max out the ram speed at the expense of timings.
I would still need to use a divider since I really doubt that this memory will run 1:1 at 269 fsb regardless of timings.
I really like this board, but I am a bit intimidated by all the memory tweaks and I don't mess with them If I don't know what they do..