What the phrell...?


Apr 15, 2005
Well, this has me stumped, so I thought I'd pose a question down at the local [H] Bar.
Trouble started when I bought myself a new motherboard. The KV8-Pro wasn't cutting it in the overclocking anymore, so I got myself the fabled DFI nF3 250gb.
All was well.
Now, with the nF3 250gb, the wonderful beast supports an array of no less than 4 SATA hard drives, as some of you may already know. Now, with this in mind, I decided I'd up the storage from the 2x74GB Raptors I had, and throw in a lovely cheap 80GB Seagate.
I installed said hard drive, and prepared myself to add to the growing pr0n collection. Ooh, yes, you could cut the excitement with a sharpened dremel. More pr0n....
Well, after installing this hard drive, it came to my attention that using it on the 2 SATA ports provided by the Silicon Image SATA controller would result in data corruption once the LDT hit above 240MHz. I wasn't worried, I just pulled out the Seagate and put it back into the other machine it came from.
However, the brief taste of hard-drive freedom had torn me away from my performance roots, so I quickly ordered myself 2 of Western Digital's brand-spanking new 250GB 16MB cache SATA-II hard drives, and promptly intsalled them into the eagerly waiting ports that had once belonged to my Raptors.
All became good, and the collection of "adult fillums", as they shall be referred to here, grew.
Well, the next 2 months were pure bliss. Large hard drives, fast response, and innumerable amounts of "adult fillums" came to fill my waking, and often sleeping hours.
Fatefully, however, this was not to last.
A mere 4 weeks ago, disaster struck. My system, having been turned off for the night, was found to be NOT WORKING when I turned it back on. No idea what happened, it just didn't work. I found the fault to be the motherboard, which had just DIED on me, for no apparent reason other than it seemed to think it was entitled to a trip to the RMA department.
Not wanting to miss out on porn for too long, I threw ye olde Abit KV8-Pro back in, and proceeded to turn the system on.
It boots.
It does not detect hard drives. At all.
This system will not detect ANY hard drives I have laying around, if they happen to be manufactured by Western Digital. It detects a Maxtor, and 2 Seagates, but not Western Digital.
Thinking it a problem with the motherboard, I awaited the return of my DFI board.
It now does exactly the same thing. EXACTLY.
Will not detect Western Digital hard drives. Not the Raptors, not the 250GBs, and not a 60GB I have laying around.
If the drive is made by Western Digital, it will not detect. Simple.
I tested ALL the WD drives in multiple systems. The only system to detect them successfully (all of them) was the old P4 I have laying around that I use for a server/router. That's it. None of the chipsets for AMD processor's will pick up the fact that they have a bloody great hard drive sitting in their general vicinity, crying out for attention.
This includes the chipsets, nF3 250gb, nF4, VIA K8T800, and K8T890.
Nothing at all. They all recognise the Seagate, but not these phrelling WD drives.
I have no idea. Not the foggiest. I've tried everything. BIOS flashes. The backward-compatibility jumper settings WD drives have. New SATA cables. New IDE cables. BIOS resets. New PSUs. New CPUs. New RAM.
The only thing that I can do to get them working is to put the in an Intel system. That's it.
Which makes me think, is there some sort of compatability problem between the SATA controller's on AMD chipsets?
Please, please, please do something! Using Intel again makes me appreciate just how fun it is to game on a box that doesnt have funky blue stickers on the outside...