What OS do you use for mining?


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Oct 19, 2004
What operating system do you use? What have you tried? Why do you like what you like?

I’ve always just used windows 10. I tried a Linux distribution, but at the time it didn’t like my motherboard bios version and wouldn’t work correctly. I typically mine to miningpoolhub or nicehash.
I use afterburner for overclock/undervolt.
Why Windows? It’s fairly easy to setup/very familiar, and since I started mining there I know the kinks. (How to pause updates, increase page file size, find PCI-E errors in windows logs, etc).

I watched a video on HiveOS and it looks pretty nice. Anyone tried it? Or what is your fav? What did you try and not like?
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Dec 5, 2018
HiveOS looked really nice but I didn't try it very long. Runs off a USB stick, it sets itself up and autoconnects to everything. You manage your rigs through the web gui. So set up time is essentially nil but I do think there's a fee for over a certain number of rigs

Mining under Ubuntu 20.04 now using RainbowMiner with a 1080ti pointed at nanopool, zero tweaking, just for fun

Tried under Ubuntu server, debian and gave up installing drivers

Windows has always been the most noob friendly, but compared to these AIO images like hiveos and Nhos, you've got options


May 31, 2017
Just got into mining 2-3 weeks ago, HIVEOS was stupid easy to install and setup, and I'm the kind of guy who has never so much as touched Linux or even a VM within windows before that. Pretty happy with HIVEOS so far and plan on continuing to use it as I expand to more rigs.