...what model should i get?


Dec 17, 2003
im building a shuttle next month for a friend of my moms. she just wanted it for email + websites, ect. nothing major like gaming but somthing fast to get around with.

this is my first shuttle so im not so educated on them. im trying to keep a price around $500 USD. (give or take) i order only off newegg.

what model do you guys recomend?

btw im tryin to get atleast a intel 2.4B in the shuttle w/ dual channel memory in it. ill probally put a cheap video card in it like mx400 because she wont be gaming.

thx in advanced.
If you're not gaming, then this pretty much is a no brainer... get the ST62K Zen XPC.

It has a fanless external powersupply, and is 20% smaller than all other Shuttles.
I think it has the ATI9100 IGP (which is better than that Geforce card you want to put in there), and is without a doubt the quietest SFF computer you can get (either from shuttle, biostar, aopen, etc...)
Didn't the ATI mobo chipsets end up giving reall poor benchmarks? I'm not talking about the IGP, but the north and south bridge chipsets.
Benchmarks seems more than acceptable, especially if the system is just going to be used for websurfing, emails, word processing, etc...
IMHO, this is one of the best SFF's for the office (check out the review of it over at sudhian.com).
if price is more important, maybe a SN41G2V2? has IGP and slightly cheaper...