What is the Best Brand of CD-R's to buy???


Jan 31, 2004
Hey i was I havin some trouble with purchasing CD-R's that work with my cd burner. some brands work and some brands don't. Is there one or two awesome brands that will work with just about all burners and cd players? In your opinion what is your favorite CD-r's to burn with?
I have never had any problems with Memorex CD-Rs, I had a Compaq 8000T that was picky about what brand of media you used and memorex never gave me a coaster. (Although Sony gave me about 25 out of 50, lol.)
thats interesting because I just had a bad 50 pack of memorex's tonight. My sony's burn fine but don't play in some car cd players, stereos and other pc's.
anything by CMC magnetics will be quality. i know imation are cmc, not sure abomut anything else.
as a general rule i go by, hold the cdr upto your eye(s) and the harder it is to see through, the better quality it is

ive seen some high-val brand that arent fit for sunglasses, damn near lose em on the table
I use Fuji and only Fuji. Never had a problem burning or playing any cd burned :D
I use imation a lot for data and general use cd's...but often times I find that in my truck's cd player (a new pioneer) it won't loop the cd...so when the final song finishes, I have to take the cd out and put it back in to start over...though if I hit next from the final track, it goes to the first one just fine.

If I'm burning a music mix, I use tdk, and I've yet to have one not work or go bad, of either brand.
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I use Fuji and only Fuji. Never had a problem burning or playing any cd burned :D
Yes, but I only buy Japanese Fuji's as the Taiyo Yuden discs yield some of the lowest C1/C2 error rates of any CDR. The Taiwanese discs are made by Ritek and although they've improved since the beginning of the century, I still do not trust them. You just have to look at the side of the spindle for made in Japan and you're golden.

For really important stuff, I might use some Mitsui or Verbatim gold discs which are told to last the longest IIRC but most decent quality discs will last longer than CDROM technology likely will :D
I just go for cost. It's easy to get 50-pack spindles for $16 canadian. I've bought a few sets and have had no problems at all; they're nice and sturdy, support 40x, and have this cool patterned impression on the surface that looks 3d, but isn't. I should take a pic, it's so cool. :D There's a ton of writing room too.

The only brand marking is "Let's", and there's no readable data around the center hole.
Well, the best QUALITY brands of CD-Rs in my opinion are:

1) Mitsui Gold or Silver (though you might see them called MAM-A now, for Mitsui Advanced Media).

2) Taiyo Yuden

3) Verbatim or TDK

Qualitywise, for over-the-counter CD-R media, no other brands of discs are even in the same league as the above. Note that sometimes companies will re-brand one of the above as their own discs (Taiyo Yuden rebadged as Fujifilm, for example) but that's a crapshoot at best, because disc brands can vary from disc to disc when they're re-branded.

You asked a much different question though - which was 'What brand of CD-Rs will work in my burner - I'm having trouble getting anything to work?'

In this case, if you've tried several different brands of media and are unable to successfully burn a disc that you can read, then I'd be inclined to look somewhere else for the source of the problem (like say, the burner itself perhaps).
A BRAND is different from a manufacturer , in that a single brand can have media sourced from many manufacturers. Case in point : TDK - their TDK branded media has been sourced from Ritek,CMC and Taiyo Yuden. The trick is in finding out what's really in the box. As a guideline, "Made In Japan" on the CD-box generally means the disc is made by Taiyo Yuden (the best,IMO),Maxell or Verbatim, which are all excellent discs. Even Ritek, "Made In Taiwan" is very good. Your best bet would be to search the fora at cdrlabs.com and club.cdfreaks.com
I use Moser Baer India, and old HP 24X discs (these are TY).. never had too many problems.
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i only buy verbatim

ditto.. best CDR i ever use with reasonable price.. "that's" and "TY" is a bit expensive..
only failed on me once.. with like 473472740 Discs burned..:p

i use mitsu blue platinum metal azo
Well, I guess I messes up on the A-E designation following the MAM...but the MAM part was true enough :)

Also, just for what it's worth, I would have put Kodak Gold discs in my list as well. However, Kodak was focused on making quality media (e.g. nothing you were going to find at bargain basement prices) and found themselves in a situation where they could not compete with more inexpensive CD-R manufacturers on the basis of price. Unfortunately, Kodak got out of the CD-R blank business just over a year or so ago. It's a shame too.
I've really only used Imation for the last 4-5 years. Its good stuff, I find that they don't scratch so easily as the REALLY cheap stuff, and best buy has a lot of sales on the spindles.
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Well, I guess I messes up on the A-E designation following the MAM...but the MAM part was true enough :)

MAM = Mitsui Advanced Media
MAM-E = Manufacturing Advanced Media Europe
MAM-A = Manufacturing Advanced Media America (Italcard)

both employ Mitsui Chemical's patented dye (Phthalocyanine ) both their CDR DVDR has the characteristic gold color