What is Docsis 2.0? (Shaw)


Jul 28, 2001
Someone said that Shaw is getting Docsis 2.0 for their network and that I should ASK them for a new modem to take advantage of this technology.

Do I need a new modem for it?

I have an old Terayon one.
It looks like the difference is upgraded bandwidth. But if your cable company doesn't supply over 10mbps of bandwidth, Docsis 1.1 will do fine.

And you will need a new Docsis 2.0 compliant modem to take advantage of it.
It's a cable modem management protocol and spec range.
It's not just a higher max throughput on the cable modem, but it introduces new traffic shaping abilities for the cableco, which (if done right) means more consistent throughput for the customer.
You will most likely need a newer modem. The Terayon TJ 715 is the first Terayon modem that supports 2.0.