What Free Sync Range Should I use?


Supreme [H]ardness
Feb 3, 2004
Hey all,

Just picked this (Dell 1440p, 32 "165hz curve) up yesterday and love it so far.

Some of the reviews have been somewhat iffy because of using Nvidia cards with this monitor.

There are times flickering happens at random and it's due to the freesync range being off...or so in my case.

Essentially, I followed this article from reddit and all is well now.

But my question today is if it's okay to make a much wider range of freesync, say 35 through 165hz or even 144hz?

What's the draw backs for having such a designated range, and is it going to ruin anything?

I've set range 45 hz to 100hz (I figured at 1440p, my 1070 won't be going much out of this range if I pump graphics up, and if it does, I don't think I need freesync, right?).

Just curious what you all set your freesync range to, and why?