What do you guys think of this Lenovo 15.6" w/DVD player for grandparents for $399?


Mar 27, 2009
My grandparents are in need of a laptop. I first wanted to get them a netbook, but they said they want a bigger screen and a DVD player. Below is the list of what they would like:

* They're will be using it for email, web surfing and maybe some youtube.
* They prefer a big screen (11"-15")
* They would like a DVD player
* Within $300 - $400
* Don't care about battery life as they will not be moving around with it much

I found this Lenovo G550(2958-8GU) on newegg for $399

It seems to have everything they want - big screen (15.6"!!), DVD player and a price less than their budget :eek:

What I'm not sure about is the Intel Celeron 900(2.2GHz) processor. Do you guys think this is enough for email/web surfing/youtube (not 1080p)?
I've never purchased a Lenovo before, so not sure what their customer service/warranty is like :confused: