Welp, I tried


Feb 28, 2007
I got a little shook up when I read the post about the [H]orde gettin' over taken, so I was gonna' bring my lowly 9600GSO and 8800GS back up to speed with the F@H GPU2 client. You know the ole' sayin' about the nice laid tracks of mice and alligators (err..., or is that the ole' paved road to hell deal?) :p

I reformatted from Win 7 32 bit to Win 7 64 bit. I reformatted and installed WinXP64 and WinXP 32 bit. I've installed, destalled, prestalled and even sacrificed a couple of chickens to the computer Gods, (Hell, I probably wore out a couple of "el cheapo" HD's and got chicken blood all over the place) I tried everything I could think of and still no WU lovin' (I'm talkin' like about 20 tries). I use my Internet connection all the time, surfin' the Web, playin' graphics and sound files, so I doubt it's my Internet connection. My cards are "el stocko",my CPU's are "el stocko". I've got a MCW60-R WB on my 8800GS and a AccelS2 jobber on my 9600GSO, so coolin' ain't the prob. I've used a couple of different series drivers. I was careful to use Vista 64 drivers for Win 7 64 and Vista 32 drivers for Win 7 32. I've used the WinXP64 nVIDA drivers for WinXP64 and the regulation 32 bit WinXP drivers for WinXP with and without SP3 I used the console Vista client for Win 7 and the winders client for WinXP64 and WinXP 32bit Just what in the holy hell am I doin' wrong. I installed the "Net" deal for WinXP. I think Win 7 32 bit, Win 7 64 bit and WinXP64 come with it outa' the box (probably v3.5 or something) HELP HELP :confused: (ahh..., it's kinda' funny none of my 3x boxen will DL new WU's, a E6600 and 2x Q6600's, but everything else works just fine)

Undaunted by all these minor setbacks I've dedicated my boxen to the BOINC WCG program. Sooooo..... much easier, no EUE's, no problems at all :D

All I can say is good luck on the folding. On the bright side it certainly saved me some bucks $. Until the GPU2 client came along I had absolutely no interest in GPU cards. ;) At least I don't gotta' think so hard on how I can afford a nice new shiny GTX285 :) I was even thinkin' about the GTS250 ("el cheapo" is my middle name) until I read were it was a lttle slower and almost identical to the 9800 GTX+ :cool:

DCing for the CURE