Webhosting Change - Email


Limp Gawd
Apr 28, 2008
I want to change web hosting services. Godaddy has become far too expensive. On top of their already high prices, I got an email saying that they are going to start charging $12/mo, per email address. That seems ridiculous to me, especially at 8-10 email addresses.

I am a little concerned about making the switch. It seems as though it isn't that big of deal, but having never done it before, it worries me a bit. Making the website switch doesn't seem like it will be that big of deal. However, I am most concerned about my email accounts.

I get my mail on my Iphone and Thunderbird. I know Thunderbird is set up for POP3, I think the Iphone is as well. This means that all messages that have been pulled from the server are saved locally on the device, correct? When I switch to the new hosting and email service, when the Iphone and Thunderbird go to pull messages and don't find any on the server, it will have absolutely no impact on what has already be saved locally on the device, correct?

Is there anything else I should pay special attention to when making the hosting switch? Thinking of going with Bluehost as they get pretty good scores from the review sites. Any issues with Bluehost?



Oct 5, 2004
I know this is an old thread but for future readers... Keep your web hosting and email hosting separate. I host websites for my clients using Digitalocean or Vultr and then sell them their choice of custom email accounts that use Google or Microsoft. Just point your Domain's MX records to your email server and you're all set. The beauty of having your web server and email server separated is you can move your web hosting around while not impacting your email. You could also move your email from Google to MS without impacting your web hosting. I highly suggest you get yourself a Google Workspace account and use that for emailing. Their plans are $6/mo per email address and you get the full suite of google office products.