Waterblock vs GPU upgrade (NVidia)

Discussion in 'Video Cards' started by k1lluminati, Jun 11, 2018.

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    Jun 11, 2018
    First off, I admit that I did not search before making this thread. If there is already another thread on this, I apologize - however, I am respectfully requesting advice for my particular situation.

    I have an i7-8700 non K, a generic GTX 1080, and use my PC for a wide array of tasks to include working with Adobe Master's Collection, gaming, and everything in between. Without diving into in-game settings, here are a couple of games I play with the respective frame rates I am currently getting - Hunt Showdown (100+ fps), Rainbow 6 Siege (144+ fps), Ghost Recon Wildlands (~120 fps), Left 4 Dead 2 (300 fps). My goal is to run 144fps @ 1920x1080, and not have to worry about upgrading for as long as I can. I do not experience/notice any screen tearing. I also do not care for overclocking at the moment. Seeing as games are becoming more and more demanding, I feel like I should take action on one of these options; hence I am asking for advice/opinions here.

    1) Full water block current card - would the impact of cooler temps be sufficient enough? Will this meet my goal without having to get a new card? (I will have to note my current GPU temps for a followup post)

    2) Sell GTX1080 and order a 1080Ti - I feel like this may be a better option for the long haul IRT my goal. The speculative question here is for how long would a Ti be good for running future games @ 1920x1080 144fps? Would it be better to do this now, or wait until after 1180 release? (would get less for 1080, but 1080Ti prices should come down too, right?

    Another consideration - I am currently only using one display, but will have a second soon and am unsure of performance impacts this may have, if any.

    Thank you for your time,
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    1080 Ti.

    Best you could hope for is getting about halfway to the 1080 Ti if you bought a water block and overvolted your card/ modified BIOS.

    With the 1080 ti You start with even higher performance, and you have the potential to overclock that with a waterblock in the future, if the rumored delays about the 1180 release turn out to be true.
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    I would just sit and wait, something better will always come along. Especially since your not having any performance issues currently.