Warning about ASUS M4A79 Deluxe


Jul 29, 2004
I just got in an ASUS M4A79 Deluxe and wanted to issue a warning to anyone thinking about purchasing and overclocking.

The board appears to be very good but is limited in the Bios on what memory divider can be chosen. This board only gives me options for 667 and 800. Essentially, the lack of 400 and 533 options means that unless you have good RAM or a black edition processor, your overclock will possibly be memory limited.

I have been running DDR2 667 on a Brisbane 3600+. On my old board (Tforce 550), I was able to choose a higher divider to lower the frequency of the RAM so the RAM was still running around 667 while the processor was running 2.7ghz.

With the new motherboard, to get the same processor frequency of 2.7ghz, my RAM would have to run at 900mhz due to lack of divider options.

Anyone thinking about dropping money on this board to overclock the CPU should consider this.