wallpapers for 20/30/20 users :)


Limp Gawd
Sep 9, 2005

just got my 2007fp / 3007wfp / 2007fp combo working, so I made some wallpapers. Most of the artwork came from this thread on Neogaf. Click on picture for 4960x1600 wallpaper goodness.




God of War 3

World of Warcraft
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marvel vs capcom 3

uncharted 3

Section 8

Final Fantasy 13
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Alessandra Ambrosio

Jessica Alba

Grace Park

Kate Beckinsale

Yumi Sugimoto
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Why are the two 20" wallpapers on the right? Does it have to do with where you want to display the start menu?
The 3007wfp in the middle is the main display. So i guess windows puts that on the left. The right screen is attached to the same card as the middle one, so windows puts it next. and the left monitor is on the secondary card, so it puts it last, i.e. the far right.
This stuff is just making me want a 20/30/20 setup even more. How did you go about figuring how much to crop out? Just trial and error?
i load the original file into photoshop, make my marque a ratio of 53.6 x 16, crop the image to 5360 x 1600, and then i have a batch file which cuts up the image and makes the final wallpaper.

I wish in the near future we have monitors with really really thin bezels :)
Whats generally the amount of pixels you guys would use for bezel correction?

Edit: Just read Hordak's post, it looks like he does 150 pixels per bezel, is that a good number to go with? (reason I ask is because I would like to start offering these on my website)
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Whats generally the amount of pixels you guys would use for bezel correction?

I do 100 but since there's technically 4 bezels, that's 400 total. so 2560+1200+1200 =4960, but i crop my pictures at 5360x1600, and then compensate for the bezels to make the final image 4960x1600.

you'll have to experiment since not all bezels are created the same :(
Thanks for the breakdown hordak, I made three of these wallpapers, take a look at them guys! If anyone likes one of them a lot feel free to take a picture of your setup! I would love to see!

Check them out here: http://hd-desktop.net/thumbnails-23.html

edit: fixed the girl sitting by the pool, I had something off by 8 pixels :p
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Dragon's Drama

Xenoblades Chronicles

Medieval Castle Siege

great! looking for more of these. could crop some larger images maybe but hard to find good ones
Does anybody have the original DS3 wallpaper in post #20? It's unfortunate that this can no longer be found and the wallie here is missing a pixel on the right
My god some of these are epic. I now have to make sure my next PC upgrade includes the 20/30/20 set up :(