W10 GPT for OS drive?


Sep 5, 2013
Installed windows 10 fresh on a SSD and kinda missed the part to choose since it's EUFI and I think GPT was default.

So far no issues with anything and GPT is the latest, even though the SSD is only 500GB.

Any real benefit to use GPT if under 2TB?
Little confused here. Sounds like you were wanting to partition the SSD using MBR rather than GPT? If so, curious as to why? Is Windows 10 the only OS you are going to run? I wouldn't see why you wouldn't want to go ahead and use GPT on any size drive.
I installed 10 with GPT on a SSD instead of MBR even though it's only 500GB
Question is, the main reason for GPT is for 2TB+ drives thus is there any real benefit for your OS?

It's newer and more hardy then MBR so why not, right?
Yes, only 10.

Various benches it's not faster or slower then MBR that I can tell.
GPT is supposed to be more durable because the partition configuration is stored at the beginning and ending of the drive.

The only time I use MBR now days is in VM's.
The main benefit of GPT is the ability to use a boot drive above 2TB, number of partitions, and resilience. UEFI only support GPT.
I read some mention about some programs that rely on MBR might not work.
So far I've installed a handful of programs and games and no issues.
Maybe somebody can elaborate on that theory more or if it's just certain circumstances.
I've seen no application that requires MBR. Every modern partition managing application knows how to read both MBR & GPT.