VSS - users unable to see volume shadow copies?

Discussion in 'Networking & Security' started by cyclone3d, Apr 10, 2015.

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    Aug 16, 2004
    We have VSS setup on our file share here at work.

    Today was the first time since I set it up that a user needed to restore a previous version.

    I had them go to the folder and showed them how to get to the previous versions, but it came back with nothing.

    I then went and logged into the server with my admin account, went to the physical drive, and the previous versions were there.

    What do I need to do for it to show up for the users?

    I am assuming it has something to do with permissions, but I haven't been able to turn up anything yet.

    Our setup is as follows:
    Server 2008 R2
    Shared drive is connected to the server via iSCSI
    Shared drive is set up in DFS (no replication) so people at multiple sites can see it.
    Users have the DFS drive mapped to their computers.

    Users have modify permissions on needed folders.

    What am I missing here?