Voice Meeter and Audio interface Question


Dec 2, 2009
OK so I seem to have found a problem that I am having difficulties finding a solution.

The Set-up:
Focusrite 2i2 2nd gen Audio Interface
Voicemeeter Banana
(Comp specs in sig)

The Problem:
When trying to record in a program (I am using adobe audition), using MME drivers creates a clean sound. I would prefer to use ASIO drivers because they can run at lower latency and are of a better quality overall. When I try to use Voice meeters ASIO drivers, the sound is terrible. It is crackly and echoy and barely picks up the sound. When I use Focusrites ASIO drivers, the sound is clear, but the quality is lower.

I found this potential solution on another forum:

Following up on this thread of thought where Focusrite's badly programmed ASIO drivers could be the problem, I pulled up my dusty old Centrance Mic Port that was lying around forgotten in a drawer and installed their ASIO drivers (I had to install "Legacy" v7.4.19 drivers as latest v8.0.2 wouldn't work at all) and YES, it works like a charm.

Voicemeeter Potato opened Centrance ASIO, allowed me to setup inputs and outputs and when Reaper connected to Voicemeeter Virtual ASIO it worked straight away, no crackling, no dropouts, nothing. Just for kicks I tried playing around with ASIO buffer - latency, and was able to go as low as 1ms! True 1ms where my Centrance is giving me direct monitoring, then, Voicemeeter is giving me it's loop monitoring, and finally, Reaper is giving me it's loop monitoring and all I can hear is nice thin flange. No echo, no slapback. No perceivable latency. At the same time, Reaper is playing some MIDI notes just to be sure there are no dropouts whatsoever.

So, yes, Vincent was right all along. It turns out, not all ASIO drivers are born equal.

Thank you Angus.
Thank you Vincent.
You rock!

This states that the ASIO drivers from focus rite are bad, but it does not provide a solution other than "buy a new audio interface".

The Question:
Can I use different ASIO drivers with the Focusrite interface to increase the quality of sound and be able to use voice meeter's ASIO drivers?