VMWare Workstation port forwarding and NAT

May 31, 2013
Does anyone know if it's possible to port forward to a NAT'd subnet within VMWare Workstation? I have a subnet, let's say which is the main subnet and within VMWare Workstation I created a nat'd subnet of I can ping the subnet from my locally. I tried port forwarding some ports, I have an Edgerouter Lite but I can't hit the ports from the outside. Is this even possible?


Supreme [H]ardness
Oct 4, 2007
The reason this happens is because you have introduced a new layer 3 segment to your network. Your EdgeRouter does not know how to reach the network, which is why you can reach hosts on the network from your host machine that has that network "direct attached". What you need is a static route on the EdgeRouter to "tell" it how to reach the network.

IIRC your computer is basically acting as a router between the and networks. The only other way around this is if you set up a trunk between your computer NIC and the EdgeRouter.