VLC picture tears


Oct 14, 2006
I have an older system 3rd generation I5 processor. GTX 1030 graphics card. And a 4K TV being used for output. 32 bit Windows 7.

If I use BeyondTV the video is great. But I lose the captions.

When I use VLC 3.0.8 on VOB files or OTA HD files recorded by BeyondTV, the video has enough tearing to be annoying, but I get captions. I have used the following video output settings - auto, DirectX, and Windows GDI, with no improvement. The other setting don't seem to be relevant.

If I use my notebook - more recent I7-6500U Windows 10 and 4K screen, I can use the 4K TV for output and there is no tearing.

What is the least I can do to update my home theater PC to do tearless video on a 4K tv?
Might not be relevant to viewing video clips, but have you tried setting vertical sync to "on" ? In driver panel?
VLC does not have that option. But setting it in the driver panel seems to be an improvement. Thanks to both of you.