Vista x64 SP1 - Sleep Not Working

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by GCTonyHawk7, Mar 29, 2008.

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Hey guys. I recently upgraded to 6Gb of RAM, and therefor had to install Vista 64bit. I decided at the same time I'd get SP1 and kill two birds with one stone. So, I am now running Windows Vista Ultimate x64 with SP1 installed.

    I previously had Windows Vista x32; and around the beggining of that install, I had some issues with sleep mode. At some point, they fixed themselves somehow.

    Well, guess what? My luck, they are back and worse than ever before with this reformat. :eek:

    I'll walk you through how sleeping goes for me:

    - I hit the G6 key on my keyboard, which is assigned to render sleep mode.
    - Windows does its log off thing, and then the screens, mouse, and keyboard turn off.
    - At this point, the system appears as if it is still fully running.
    - After about 5-10 seconds, I hear the hard drives within the system spin down.

    And that is it. The system thinks it is done sleeping. Keyboard and mouse won't work, won't wake it up. Power button does nothing; and yet it sits there as if it is still fully running. I then can flip the power button on the back on and off, and Windows will "resume" and be back to where I left off.

    So, basically, it doesn't seem to finish the job of sleeping. I've tried many things to try to fix this and met no success. I know this sort of thing used to be an issue back in the days that Vista was just released, but I would expect by SP1 they would have an OS that knows how to sleep.

    Things to know:
    - I've updated all drivers, including nVidia graphics card (174 Beta) and motherboard.
    - I've tried disabling Vista's new hybrid sleep mode, same thing.
    - I've tried hibernate, and it does the exact same thing.
    - In the bios, ACPI Function is enabled, ACPI Standby State is S3, and Re-call VGA BIOS From S3 is Disabled. Power button set to shut down.
    - Keyboard and mouse are both set to be allowed to wake it up, but they don't seem to work.
    - I'm not positive that both hard drives spin down, but I know my IDE one does for sure.
    - I have screensaver turned off.

    Here are my power settings:


    Please, if anyone can be of any assistance, I'll be most greatful. Thank you.