Virtual Incision Robot can Carve Meat for You


Mar 3, 2018
Wondering why you don't have a robot to carve turkey for you in 2018? Yeah, I am too. But progress has been made on that front, as a University of Nebraska researcher used a "Virtual Incision" surgical robot to carve up a chicken last year. Unfortunately, it's isn't widely available, and it looks like the price for such a machine falls into the "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" category.

Check it out in the video here.

Developed with Dmitry Oleynikov, a professor of surgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the mini-robot is designed for general surgery abdominal procedures with an initial focus on colon resection. While not yet commercially available, the researchers have used the robot in a successful first-in-human procedure.
Let's hope that prototype wasn't used in the colon resection op before carving that chicken. :sick:
Oh, yeah, sure...drop the lit match on the tablecloth right after lighting a candle.

In other news, researchers are teaching robots how to carve humans into little pieces.
Until it purees the food, funnels it down my thick, floppy gullet and wipes my fat spotty ass when it dribbles out later, call me underwhelmed.
Happy thanksgiving all. My home state making me proud...

Now about football... FUCK!