Video Card Bad or Overheating?


Oct 17, 2002
I have an XFX Geforce GTX 260 Black Edition, an XFX overclocked video card. I have not clocked it over factory settings. If I play Prototype, Ghostbusters, or run the 'FurMark' stability test, it will eventually crash where the entire screen turns a single color. The color is seemingly random. I have to kill power to the machine to restart; my restart button will not work when this happens.

I need to figure out if this is an overheating problem or a bad card.

The first image shows the layout of my case (desktop style case, so you are looking at the top view Silverstone LC10-BE).
The second image shows my temps with the case top off.
The third image shows my temps with the case top on.
The fourth image shows my temps at 90 seconds of FurMark stability.
The fifth image shows my temps at 300 seconds of FurMark stability.
The sixth image shows my temps at 600 seconds of FurMark stability.

My temps max out at about 85 degrees where the GPU fan is hitting 85% speed. My CPU temp barely breaches 40 degrees and idles below 30. My power supply (700W) sucks in air through the side (bottom of image) and vents to the rear. My CPU has an Arctic Cooling Freezzer 7 pulling in air through the side vent (top of image). All my wires are squirlled away in the breach area (with the two color X through it) by cable securing mounts.

My fans are the two stock fans at the rear plus a 92mm at the front.

My questions:
A) is there anything I can do to increase airflow?
B) is airflow and temp my problem? XFX states the GPU shouldn't have problems until the temp is above 95 degrees.
C) is the card defective (unstable at factory overclock)?

This particular time I was not able to make the single color crash occur, but it normally happens in FurMark after it hits 80 degrees and under five minutes. Prototype and Ghostbusters take around a half an hour to crash.

I have an RMA in place with XFX, I just want to be sure I'm not wasting their and my time.