Very Random Hard Crash 4850


Limp Gawd
May 10, 2008
I've overclocked my 4850's to 660/1050 and I have had them lock up before and artifact however, there have been two instances when I had the cards on normal speeds and everything and when I started a game, there was a hard crash with artifacts and then no signal. This occurred I believe when I started wc3 tft and definitively when I was loading a Battlefield Heroes.

There was also a random time that they crashed when I was playing crysis however that has only happened once. I probably should clean the computer and that could be the reason but it is odd because I don't see how it could be a temperature issue when it only happened as soon as the game was starting. No way that there was chance for the card to pass it's limit within a second or two.

My question is, should I treat this as really insignificant or could it be important to look into it. Also, do you think it is a hardware problem or software/driver. Battlefield heroes makes sense since it's a beta and I have seen that there has been some no signal problems with that.

Also: just to describe the type of artifacts i'm getting. It's full screen gray but of course looks f'd up. Best way to describe it is a parquet pattern.


Feb 2, 2005
Doubt it's heat going by your explanation of when it's happening, sounds more like a driver fault.
I would wait at least until next driver set (catalyst 8.8) is out as it is said to have a number of fixes for crossfire.