VB6 DLL Viewer


Supreme [H]ardness
Jan 2, 2005
I need a recommendation on a VB6/COM DLL decompiler/viewer. Something that lets me see the code that was compiled in Visual Studio 6 to make the DLL file. As a point of comparison, I really like the Reflector app for viewing .Net DLL files.
I don't know about VB6 but, in the general case, decompiling binaries to get the source is a nightmare.
If you're wanting to get the underlying code from something compiled in VB6 I wouldn't count on it.
.NET code is packed full of metadata and type info, P. (That's one of the reasons it's so fat.) VB6 produces native code, which doesn't have so much of that information, unless it was a debug build.
Yeah, you're not going to get anything useful from it. I just tried decompiling a 1 function ActiveX DLL that only had 1 line of code in it and it was a mess. The generated comments might help you figure out what VB statements generated the code, but that's about it.