USB 3.0 External Hard Drive "RAW" Question


Jun 24, 2001
I have an external WD MY Book Duo 8tbs USB 3.0 drive (set at RAID 1 for redundancy) sectioned into several partitions. Recently, the 3rd partition became "RAW", the other partitions were not affected.

Using recovery software, I was able to save the files to another drive. I reformatted the RAW partition back to NTFS and scanned the partition using CHKDSK and everything seemed fine. Two days later, Windows at boot up scanned and repaired partition 3.

Should I be concerned that one of the drives is maybe failing where that partition is set up? (There are 2 drives in this external drive unit) CHKDSK did not tell me it found bad sectors. I'm not seeing any unusual SMART results either. Thoughts?