Upgrading questions

Jan 4, 2004
First time posting since my account got deleted a while back, and I have a couple of questions about upgrading.

Which ram should I be getting for my new ABIT NF7-S, and 2500+? I can either get the Corsair XMS LL 3200 512MB, or the OCZ LL Platinum 3200 512MB for the same price. For those that have them, which perform better?

Also I currently have a Alpha PAL8045 heatsink, and I'm wondering if the SLK-900u is better. Also will either of these fit on the NF7-S? I'm thinking of getting a Panflow 92mm fan rated at 48CFM, will it be enough cooling for me to overclock my 2500 to 3200+ speed?

Now I have a Enermax 431W power supply, which I got as a replacement for my Antec 300W power supply that came with the case. As I don't know much about power supply's, is this a fairly good one?

Specs for the power supply:

+5V -------- 44A ---- 4.95V (Reading from MBM)
+12V ------ 20A --- 12.34V (Reading from MBM)
+3.3V ----- 38A --- 1.54V (Reading from MBM)
-5V --------- 2A ----- 1.99V (Reading from MBM)
-12V ------- 1A ----- 2.37V (Reading from MBM)
+5VSB ---- 2.2A

I have 4 80mm fans connected, 1 WD 120GB HD, 2 CD-RW/CD-ROM, 256MB of RAM, 2100+ default and a mouse, keyboard, digital camera using the USB ports.

Now I need to purchase a laptop for my college course that I will be starting soon. My local place (where I'm getting most of my hardware) has an option to custom build a laptop. Here is what I have picked so far:

ECS G736 Barebone Notebook w/ Hyper-Threading, CD-RW/DVD, 15in SXGA, Radeon 9600 128MB ---- $1500
Intel Pentium 4 2.60C GHz 512K 800FSB w/ Hyper-Threading ---- $260
2 x Micron Original 256MB PC2700 DDR for Notebooks ---- $180
Toshiba 60GB 5400rpm Notebook HDD w/ 16MB Cache ---- $270

Total cost around $2210 in CND. To me it seems pretty good, except I haven't heard much about ECS so I don't know if these are any good.

Thanks in advance
--Seph :D


Mar 26, 2002

Corsair > OCZ
So get the pack of 2 XMS 256 mb modules to take advantage of the dual channel memory

You will probably be able to OC to those speeds just be careful with the vCore

The PSU you wanna buy is cool ... look into Antec TruePower or whatever series and see if they are cheaper ...

Order from newegg, its cheaper and you dont have to pay tax.

Consider a Compaq X1000 www.hpshopping.com has em cheap - 10% off and 100 MIR check www.x1000forums.com for more deals .....

Dont waste your time with a Pentium 4 ... save power and weight of your laptop with the Cetrinos ...